Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wolverine Trailer Leaked

A bootleg version of the Wolverine trailer currently shown in front of The Day The Earth Stood Still has leaked online:

X Men Origins Wolverine

On May 1st
witness the origin


Some fans may wonder why there are so many mutants in the movie if it's an origin story of Wolverine. But instead of getting disppointed think about it as positive. Indeed by lining those Marvel characters in the Wolverine movie they're seeding potential new spin-off movies.

But I'm so thrilled by Wolverine, so I'd rather see those spin-offs waiting in the wing further and hope they will rather work on Wolverine 2 following the release of this first opus.


Anonymous said...

More than likely if it does do well they will do a sequal with him in Japan. That is what Jackamn has been saying he wants to do. He specifically mentioned Calremont and Miller when speaking about this. Could be something to see then. Either way I am looking forward to this movie big time. It looks like it could be incredible.

Anonymous said...

Im confused...When does Logan get adamantium put on his claws? Is it before WWII? cuz how would he fight against the Japenese and their swords without it?

Anonymous said...

ok, in the first xmen movie, logan had no clue who sabretooth was, but they have a severe history in this movie. i know he lost all memory prior to the adamantium but im sure this movie has them fighting after he has claws, so what, does he loose all memory twice in his life?

Anonymous said...

Wolverine has always had claws. They were not always made of adamantium but instead made of bone. The adamantium came after WWII and Captain America. His bones were fused w/ adamantium during imprisonment by Weapon X as well as given false memory implants.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely thrilled to see Gambit! They had his name listed in X-men 2 (when Mystic is in the office looking at the computers). Very Cool!