Friday, November 28, 2008

Wolverine Movie Hugh Jackman Interview

Hugh Jackman wants Wolverine 2, the Wolverine sequel, to be in Japan!Hugh Jackman was asked about the upcoming Wolverine movie. And he gladly talked about his role as Logan aka Wolverine (even if the interview, here, was actually for an other film, Australia...):

Talking about the movie Wolverine:

"I can guarantee you there are going to be surprises. David Benioff, who wrote the script, is one of the great writers in Hollywood, and he is the biggest comic book fan in the history of the world. There is not an issue of Wolverine or X-Men that he doesn't own. When he first pitched me the idea, he had such a brilliant idea that was his little twist on events. He's written it smartly. He knows what the fans want."
Hugh Jackman

And hinting at what direction a Wolverine sequel would take:

"The most intriguing thing to me was the Japan story. I love the Japan story. I wanted to do the Japan story from around X-Men 2. Can you just picture Wolverine in Japan with the triads and the samurai? It's just genius. Comedically and dramatically, I thought, 'This is awesome!' But how can you do that before you explain his origins? If we tried to mix the origin and Japan together, it wouldn't do justice to either. So you can tell by the answer where I'd like it to go."
Hugh Jackman

Seems Hugh Jackman really appreciates interpreting the role of Wolverine. I'm quite sure there will a be Wolverine movie sequel. If the movie Wolverine 2 takes place in Japan that would be awesome: can you imagine samurai swords vs. adamantium claws?


Anonymous said...

What is with Hugh Jackman???
I’ve been a faithful fan of Hugh for many years. But every since he won the title of Sexiest Man Alive, he seems to be giving out too much information about his sex life. Less is more, Hugh! He needs to put a filter on his mouth. I now know more about him than I ever wanted to know and I don’t find it sexy and I feel the same about his wife. The reason Clooney is so sexy is that he doesn’t tell everything that happens or has happened in his life.
Geeeeeze Hugh………..leave something to the imagination!
Have a little class!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear him talking Wolvie sequels! It's obvious he's talking about Frank Miller's Wolverine mini-series that came out in the early 80s. The Wolverine/Kitty Pride mini series was also done good and I can see that as a film.

pablo said...

I'm also sure he meant YAKUZA and samurai not triads ... you know because triads are chinese

Anonymous said...

The Wolverine story has got to be the best story ever created by Marvel... especially since it was an "accident". Does anybody know the rating of this movie? I hope its rated 'R'.

Dieter said...

i hope he didn't mean samurai since they stopped existing in 1868 well before wolverine got his adamantium

frenchy Hugh Jackman fan said...

i just love this actor ! he is great in the role of wolverine of course ^^, i'd love to see an x-men 4 , i mean u can't let logan without all of his memory and what about magneto ? i mean doesn't he gets his powers back ?
Oh and of course i'd love to see a second wolverine ! GOsh i love this movie !!!