Friday, May 1, 2009

Wolverine Different Endings

You probably know that Fox has been distributing different copies of Wolverine to theaters: so if the main ending is the same for all, there are actually more than one after-credits scene.

Well, fellow fans are already sharing online clips of those Wolverine after credits scenes that they snatched with their phone cams:

1. Wolverine in a Japanese bar.

This scene is setting things for the Wolverine movie sequel: Wolverine 2 is indeed likely to explore the Japanese ark. More at: --> Wolverine 2

2. Deadpool
Deadpool will get his own spin-off movie: --> Deadpool Movie

To watch those different endings of Wolverine:

--> Wolverine After Credits Scenes here!

I love the concept of different endings of Wolverine being shown in theaters: hope to see more companies doing it!


Scorpio said...

What a load of utter crap. Wolverine was a good film but i must admit most of the special effects sucked like where Deadpool (I think) throws his guns and they look purely CGI. When the plane scene was shown i almost wanted to leave and get my money back and that was barely after the opening credits.

Wolverine could have been so good but the storyline started to waver very early on and because Wolverine is invincible and if you have already seen X-men (Film) then you know who survives.

Deadpools spinoff will not do as well as Wolverine. The only reason why Wolverine scored high in the cinemas was because of the hype which didnt show us the lame CGI animation which looks like it came from a Free software and was added in later.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see a cameo of Stan Lee in Wolverine?

Wolverine Trailer said...

X-cellent that both the sequel with Wolverine in Japan and a Deadpool movie are in the works…

Anonymous said...

There is no Stan Lee cameo because this is a marvel franchise not one of stan lee's creations.